Sophos Reporter is your new go-to application for reporting on bandwidth, employee productivity and current web based threats.

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Reports for Everyone!



Our Reports are designed to be easily understood by a non-technical audience such as HR and Department Managers.

Seamless Active Directory integration makes scheduling Department reports and notifying the right person a breeze!

Improve Your UTM.



Sophos Reporter has its own independent idea of what sites are Productive, Unproductive, Acceptable or Unacceptable and can be easily tuned to suit your organization.

Find the sites being allowed that perhaps shouldn’t be, or the productive work sites being blocked and causing frustration throughout your organization.

Stay Alert



Real-time Dashboards are always ready to show you what is happening right now.

Receive Email Alerts as soon as something happens on your network that you need to know about, such as viruses being discovered, very large downloads, or unacceptable sites being accessed.

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Simplify your life with reports that make sense to everyone. Not just the IT Department!

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Sophos UTM Reporting Made Awesome

Generate Overview Reports or detailed Activity Reports on users, sites, apps, categories or any traffic that flows through your Sophos UTM.

Sophos Reporter’s comprehensive filtering interface and seamless Activity Directory integration makes it a breeze to get the report you need.

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Live Real Time Dashboards

Sophos Reporter collects syslog messages from Sophos UTM to display live bandwidth, user productivity, and web protection dashboards.

Simply hover over anything that looks interesting to run a detailed report and get at the heart of the problem.


See all the bandwidth hogging sites, applications, users, categories and files all in one place.


Provide greater online privileges to users and monitor the productivity of  allowed traffic.

Web Protection

What is Sophos UTM spending most of its time blocking? A site, a user, a virus, a file extension? See all your top block events in one simple dashboard.

Easy Report Scheduling

Automatically generate customized reports every day, week or month.

Send Department Managers reports on their department’s activity every week. Send subnet reports to network administrators each day, or unacceptable browsing reports to HR managers.

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Sophos Reporter’s real-time alerting system notifies you as soon as there is something you need to know about.

Sophos Reporter can automatically email details about events such as Malware, enormous file downloads, unacceptable browsing, or undesirable applications as soon as it occurs.

Productivity Assessment

Sophos UTM’s URL Filtering does a great job at categorizing web sites, and Sophos Reporter makes it extremely easy for you to assign those categories as Unacceptable, Unproductive, Acceptable or Productive.

This enables you to simply monitor unproductive traffic without necessarily blocking it.

* Requires Web Filtering to be enabled.

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Sophos Reporter Add Historical Log Folder


Report on Archived / Historic Log Data

Need to report on more log data than Sophos UTM can store? Sophos Reporter can import archived off-box log files in addition real-time syslog messages.

Report across all Sophos UTMs

Run more than one Sophos UTM to protect your organization’s network? No problem. Just add each UTM as a Source in Sophos Reporter to collate all information into one unified reporting solution.

Sophos UTM Stack

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